Building & Renovating Residential Colleges

As CEO I have been responsible for developing design briefs, development proposals, research, & client management of diverse residential projects

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Trevor with Malcolm Turnbull

Policy and Advocacy in Higher Education

Extensive policy & advocacy experience across the university sector in research management, staff development, campus life, residential reviews & restructures.

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Strategic Advice, Planning and Project Conception

Extensive experience in project conception, strategic planning, approvals, financing, and crisis management. Expertise in policy development, reviews, and assessment of varied kinds.

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Since 1993

Higher Education

Higher Education is a key to the future of people and nations. Quality and well positioned institutions are vital as competition increases, offerings are diversified, new delivery modes are created, and competition grows in an integrated global economy. The quality of our higher education institutions in teaching, research, and related services is vital to international competitiveness.

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Higher Education Solutions can help you if your company or institution is contemplating:

  • new directions
  • strategic research or planning
  • major developments on campuses
  • international expansion
  • an assessment of capability
  • critical operational or community problems

Solutions, support and advice are available!

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