Our Services

Shared Recreational Space

The forms of delivery for services include mentoring, problem solving, risk management, direct support, client representation, policy and strategic advice, report writing, presentations, institutional cultural assessments, and research services. The services are available in four key areas:

1. Campus residential developments

Whether planning a new residential facility or renovating an existing one, we can help you with advice on scope, design, feasibility, the business case, board & university presentations, construction monitoring, or transitional arrangements.

2. Stakeholder & Reputational Risk Management

Some of the key challenges to student residences are resident welfare, managing critical incidents, adverse publicity and stakeholder  management. Monitoring and mitigating against risk is as important as fixing problems. Help can be provided in both areas.

3. Business Continuity Advice

Managing a residential college or hall is a unique type of business. Reputation is linked to the quality of management, staff training, the quality of varied services (e.g. food, cleaning, pastoral and academic support), & the health of communities. We can offer analysis, support, help with planning, budget assessment, training and more.

4. Staff training

As the founder of this company I bring over 30-years of experience in higher education as a teacher, researcher, business leader, adviser, senior manager, policy maker, advocate, problem solver and innovator. With a team of colleagues who can bring complementary skills and experience we can help with most training needs from residential staff, management staff and board members.

Short-term support or one-off services

Direct support at relatively short notice for varied engagement periods can take varied forms:

  • Attendance or chairing of project control groups
  • Site meetings with contractors
  • Meetings with lending authorities at the initial, maintenance or refinancing stages
  • Advice in relation to design choices
  • Support with project assessments and proposals
  • Client representation of many kinds
  • Mentoring and briefings for institutional management groups or boards
  • Review of business projects, acquisitions and expansion proposals


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